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art market and exhibition, free

resistance rising flyerResistance Rising underground art market & exhibition features over 20 international artists and starts at midday till midnight on Sunday 13th December 2009 at Resistance Gallery .

This amazing pre-xmas arts extravaganza featuring a wide variety of avant garde & Low Brow new collections, is about to set new standards in the way artisans promote and sell their works.

All different hand made artifacts from things you wear to things you'l love look at:
Affordable original art to give a special presents to those special people in your life.
(nothing says 'i love you' more, than a one-of-a-kind original gift!)

Paintings, photography, prints, dolls, clothing, hats, sculptures, accessories, toys, masks, goggles, corsets, lingerie, bags, comics & other art based collectible merchandise and goodies!!!.

There is a all day bar, music, sofa's to hang out & chat on and even a few special performances.

Entrance is free all day!

plus many many more. .. .

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