April 21st, 2009


the velomobile project is finally taking off

eventualy the rear steering system has been successfully tested on real on open road ! it was a quick ride: I broke a vital part (from the vehicle) but it was just enough to validate the stability. This mock-up prototype has been built from scrap materials, and I just need to build the proper first prototype now. But things are very very encouraging. it seems that I am one of the first ones to have successfully implemented a rear steering device (I am such a dick swinger), since the birth of the automobile craft it has been like a kind of graal quest, where brilliant engineers such as Gabriel Voisin (France) or Buckminster Fuller (USA) broke their teeth on. The failure of rear steering development is due to inherent instability. Here I just took the pbm by the other side, that is to say trying to adapt the 1 degre of freedom pendulum mechanism to a rear steering application, plus a 4 bars linkage to mimic a virtual pivot "et voilà" . But still plenty of other variables to adjust, the definite result will be achieved when the fuselage body will be mounted. it will have an influence on the steering too (via the sum of the aerodynamic forces located at the position of the center of pressure ), and if the whole assembly doesn't work alltogether my invention is useless.

so by now being enthusiastic I have been playing a bit:

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