July 21st, 2009


going nowhere

the past month has been very stresssssssfull, including the very last minute works to be ready for nowhere festival (like building a roof rack for the car etc...  ).
nowhere festival was a nice experience, a kind of "burning man" but with less than 400 people. To me it was a total brainwash holydays, very much needed. I would really recommend this festival to any people wanted to confront / to experiment any creative ideas / expressions / sculptures / etc... Imagine having a blank space (outdoors) at your disposal for 4 days. When leaving, anything has to be brought back. 
it takes place a few miles north of Zaragossa (spain). The landscape is a kind of desert (no water) with dramatic sunsets, and oven temperatures for the siesta.

because we were in a rush, we just made this scabby wharehouse door. The exit sign was illuminating during the nights for a tripping experience.

we where sleeping in my geodesic dome just dismantled from my workshop. Covered with a parachute, it was large enough for the 4 of us plus guests. It brought us shadow, coolness, in short: a 4 stars hotel ! On the minus side: it took 6 hours to mount it...

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