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london berlin = 1075Km (avoiding motorways), that's a 3 days journey by velomobile. if only I was able to complete the first prototype by the end of this summer....

since november 2008 I have been working solid all my spare time on it, including christmass and new year's eve, and the only result is a mock-up version that still cannot roll.

since 2004 it has been like designing a "too-gigantic-jigsaw-for-a-stand-alone-engineer" with every part being a technical challenge for me really.

if it works, well, that's cool :-) I can travel for free all around europe.
if it fails, i will work on it again, that's the lesson watashiwa teaches me everyday.

and at the same time, i am longing to give birth to my medical-industrial-steampunkish project... ready for april ?
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