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resistance rising flyerResistance Rising underground art market & exhibition features over 20 international artists and starts at midday till midnight on Sunday 13th December 2009 at Resistance Gallery .

This amazing pre-xmas arts extravaganza featuring a wide variety of avant garde & Low Brow new collections, is about to set new standards in the way artisans promote and sell their works.

All different hand made artifacts from things you wear to things you'l love look at:
Affordable original art to give a special presents to those special people in your life.
(nothing says 'i love you' more, than a one-of-a-kind original gift!)

Paintings, photography, prints, dolls, clothing, hats, sculptures, accessories, toys, masks, goggles, corsets, lingerie, bags, comics & other art based collectible merchandise and goodies!!!.

There is a all day bar, music, sofa's to hang out & chat on and even a few special performances.

Entrance is free all day!

plus many many more. .. .

more info on

paniq exhibition

I would really suggest to pop in to this exhibition:
the event and the place are very inspiring.
Plus, I made some "product placement"
paniq flyer
see here for details:
Open to public Sat 14th – Sat 21th Nov
11am - 7pm, Every day (one week only!)
The Old Abattoir, 187 - 211 St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4LS
Entry - Donation

being a big fan of Roland Topor's work, (gluondufou is a credit to the "telechat" serie) I am very honoured to be part of the show :-)

an event I would recommend

a 3 days festival, details here:

 I manage to "gate crash" as a "model" for monsterlune hoods. I am very far from having the slightlest skills to model but because I will wear a hood, I guess it's a no risk job. 


going nowhere

the past month has been very stresssssssfull, including the very last minute works to be ready for nowhere festival (like building a roof rack for the car etc...  ).
nowhere festival was a nice experience, a kind of "burning man" but with less than 400 people. To me it was a total brainwash holydays, very much needed. I would really recommend this festival to any people wanted to confront / to experiment any creative ideas / expressions / sculptures / etc... Imagine having a blank space (outdoors) at your disposal for 4 days. When leaving, anything has to be brought back. 
it takes place a few miles north of Zaragossa (spain). The landscape is a kind of desert (no water) with dramatic sunsets, and oven temperatures for the siesta.

because we were in a rush, we just made this scabby wharehouse door. The exit sign was illuminating during the nights for a tripping experience.

we where sleeping in my geodesic dome just dismantled from my workshop. Covered with a parachute, it was large enough for the 4 of us plus guests. It brought us shadow, coolness, in short: a 4 stars hotel ! On the minus side: it took 6 hours to mount it...

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playing the fool

this dental-NHS-fetish-gizmo is supposed to give me this facial expression astronauts are experiencing in their rocket (a few Gs of acceleration never hurts, and that"s good for the wrinckles too)

all machined from chirurgical steel and zobium last week, flying helmet by freyagushi
and here, in action !

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un bien qui t'appartiens est un soucis qui te retiens

being very wealthy  I wanted to experience the thrill of earning a few pounds from personnal memorabilia sold on ebay.
[it would be usefull though, because my last year bonus has not been that big, massive yes, but not huge]

so here it is:

a few LPs, back from the 80ies, and most of them being really like new, because I am a f*** maniac psycho fetishist, all my vinyls have been played only once to be recorded on a tape, And now  28 years after I am offering them to YOU !!!!!! at a very low no reserve starting price wohoooooh yooohahaahhhhh !

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link to ebay

the velomobile project is finally taking off

eventualy the rear steering system has been successfully tested on real on open road ! it was a quick ride: I broke a vital part (from the vehicle) but it was just enough to validate the stability. This mock-up prototype has been built from scrap materials, and I just need to build the proper first prototype now. But things are very very encouraging. it seems that I am one of the first ones to have successfully implemented a rear steering device (I am such a dick swinger), since the birth of the automobile craft it has been like a kind of graal quest, where brilliant engineers such as Gabriel Voisin (France) or Buckminster Fuller (USA) broke their teeth on. The failure of rear steering development is due to inherent instability. Here I just took the pbm by the other side, that is to say trying to adapt the 1 degre of freedom pendulum mechanism to a rear steering application, plus a 4 bars linkage to mimic a virtual pivot "et voilà" . But still plenty of other variables to adjust, the definite result will be achieved when the fuselage body will be mounted. it will have an influence on the steering too (via the sum of the aerodynamic forces located at the position of the center of pressure ), and if the whole assembly doesn't work alltogether my invention is useless.

so by now being enthusiastic I have been playing a bit:

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london berlin = 1075Km (avoiding motorways), that's a 3 days journey by velomobile. if only I was able to complete the first prototype by the end of this summer....

since november 2008 I have been working solid all my spare time on it, including christmass and new year's eve, and the only result is a mock-up version that still cannot roll.

since 2004 it has been like designing a "too-gigantic-jigsaw-for-a-stand-alone-engineer" with every part being a technical challenge for me really.

if it works, well, that's cool :-) I can travel for free all around europe.
if it fails, i will work on it again, that's the lesson watashiwa teaches me everyday.

and at the same time, i am longing to give birth to my medical-industrial-steampunkish project... ready for april ?
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